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Love to smoke and relax, chat, or watch! I love to roll fat blunts and touch my pussy or smoke with you and you tell me what to do!

About me : potangel16

Hi, I'm potangel16! 420 and sex all day long! I'm a wife and enjoy these things with my husband! Dont mind playing however you like but if you ever need someone to stand in for you in a fantasy about me, my husband is excellent at roleplay and willing to be whoever you want him to be at the time or it can just be us 2 enjoying something I can only imagine but makes you so very happy!

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When I am on webcam adult chat, I like to chat, laugh and play with my body and toys. Also like for people to get to watch while I'm pleasured by my man if that's what you're into. He loves to do it the way you like!

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Feel free to ask me any question if you would like to know more!

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